vivi ii light system kickstarter review

ViVi II Music Reactive Light Show System

Part of a live concert’s fun is witnessing the dazzling light show that accompanies the music on stage. Every swell of the bass and strum of the guitar is made all the more vibrant by the punctuation of light and color.

As with every other part of a live performance, those light sequences are carefully planned and choreographed ahead of time. Teams of professionals armed with thousands of dollars of equipment will spend days programming the lighting effects you see at showtime.

With the ViVi II system, you can recreate the same stunning light shows as the pros without the complex setup. The kit’s reactive controller analyzes music in real time and automatically turns every song into a visual experience.

Turn any music into a light show

Visual Vibes first came onto the scene in 2016 with the original ViVi reactive light system. With ViVi II they’ve improved and refined the design further with bigger and better setups possible.

To get started, you simply plug the included LED lights into the ViVi II controller and connect the power supply. The onboard microphone will pickup any nearby music and send it through the system’s analyzer, which separates the sounds into treble, mids and bass. The 3.5mm audio jack can also connect directly to your audio source for a stronger signal depending on your use.

These sounds are then channeled to their respective light output and the show can begin.

While absolutely zero programming is required, the ViVi II can connect to the VibeLink app via bluetooth. This opens up a range of options including color choices, animation effects and other settings.

vivi ii features

ViVi II works almost anywhere

Because of how compact the system’s controller is, you can be pretty creative in setting up your light display. Gaming rigs, gyms, restaurants and event spaces are just a few possibilities. The 12v power supply can even connect to vehicles if you’re going for that Back to the Future look.

The ViVi II controller and lights are also rated as IP67 waterproof, meaning outdoor patios and rooftop concerts are completely possible.

How to buy ViVi II

Backers can currently pre-order the system starting from $149. Higher pledge levels include larger lighting kits, ranging from LED strips, bars, floodlights and ball strands along with all the necessary mounting equipment.

Orders are estimated to deliver April 2022.

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