tasman dutch oven review

The Tasman Dutch Oven and Grill Can Cook Anthing, Anywhere

Dutch ovens have a rare honor among cookware. Pots, pans and air fryers might all have their place in the kitchen, but it’s the Dutch oven that makes the memories. If you think back to some of your absolute favorite home-cooked family meals, chances are that dish was prepared in a Dutch oven.

Maybe that’s why even Lewis and Clark were willing to lug Dutch ovens along their 8,000 mile trip West.

Crowd Cookware, the Kickstarter sensation behind the wildly successful Buccaneer skillet is back with their own take on this home cooking essential. It’s called the Tasman, and it might just help you make some memorable meals of your own.

tasman dutch oven with grill pan

Bake, braise, boil and more

Beneath the classic design is an incredibly versatile kitchen workhorse. The Tasman can take the place of most pots and pans to cook a huge variety of meals.

Scrambled eggs and stir fries are just as doable as stews, soups and pasta. Also, it isn’t only the food choices that are diverse – the solid cast iron body can work with just about any heat source at your disposal.

  • Gas cooktops
  • Induction, electric and ceramic stoves
  • BBQ grills
  • Ovens
  • Open fire (just like Lewis and Clark!)
crowd cookware tasman dutch oven

2-in-1 grill pan cover

Crowd Cookware set out to not just remake the Dutch oven, but reinvent it. There’s no place that’s more obvious than with their very cleverly designed grill pan cover.

The pan has the same dimensions as the Tasman itself and can be placed over the top to serve as a lid. Flip it over and (surprise!) it’s also a quality grill pan made of the same enamel coated cast iron.

crowd cookware grill pan cover

If there was anything you thought you couldn’t cook in the Dutch oven, the grill pan fills in those gaps. Fish, vegetables, meat, bread and anything else that’s better with crisp grill marks can be made separately or together with the Tasman.

crowd cookware grill pan review

Naturally nonstick and recycled materials

Cast iron cookware is durable enough to last generations, but with the Tasman that generation won’t actually have started with you. Both the Dutch oven and grill pan are made using recycled iron safely sourced from cars and other scrap. This means you’ll be giving new life to existing materials without any new iron ore being mined.

Both the Tasman and grill pan achieve a nonstick surface with three layers of mineral-based nontoxic enamel coating. Post-cooking messes wipe clean with a gentle soak and scrub, and the whole thing can even be loaded in the dishwasher in a pinch.

How to order the Tasman Dutch Oven

Backers can currently pre-order the Tasman with a traditional lid for $115 on their Kickstarter page. You can also get the Dutch oven and grill pan combo for $150. Crowd Cookware is nearly $100,000 over their initial funding goal with a month left for people to place their pledges.

Orders are estimated to deliver August 2022.

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