sento air towel review

The Sento Air is the Towel You Deserve

When it comes to getting ready in the morning, there are some things that just aren’t optional. A good towel is definitely one of those things. It can mean the difference between starting the day with a gentle fluffy hug or a bristly scouring.

One has the power to set you on a course of blissful serenity, while the other will mark the first assault on a long and abrasive day.

Always choose the good towel. You deserve it.

And if you’re looking for Kickstarter’s king of towels, look no further than Sento, the platform’s most funded towel line ever. Some towels simply absorb the water on your skin, while a Sento towel gently persuades each drop to pack up and move to the depths of its cotton cul-de-sac.

The brand is back with a new collection called Sento Air which promises to upgrade your bathroom to a spa-like oasis of fluffy cotton and dreamy softness.

Bigger, softer, drier

Sento Air uses Japanese-sourced 100% long-staple cotton to produce a unique, 3-ply fabric superior to other towels. According to the campaign, the towels hold 4 times their weight in water, while drying 5 times faster than a regular towel.

The set includes a face towel, hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet, all with supersized dimensions far larger than the competition.

How to order Sento Air towels

If you’d like to become one of those people that walks around in a towel long after their shower, you can currently score a Sento Air bath towel for the early bird price of $58 with free US shipping. Backers can choose between white, dark navy or gray. For more pledge options check out their campaign page below.

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