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Stilform Arc – The Magnetic Pen From the Future

Possibly the easiest, most direct way of communicating the unbridled chaos within the human mind is with the humblest of tools… Pen and paper.

Words, drawings and symbols can effortlessly transfer to a tangible medium – no batteries or microprocessors required.

For such an important instrument, many of us still end up using the same plastic Bic pens purchased in bulk from the office supply companies. Not exactly inspirational equipment.

The Stilform Arc is the opposite of that – a super-premium gel pen with a design that would look right at home in the Apple store.

stilform arc kickstarter pen
stilform arc pen packaging

“Since we created our beloved magnetic fountain pen and ballpoint pen, our goal has been to take the intuitive integration between magnets and pens to the next level.”

Stilform founder and CEO, Christoph Bohrer

Magnetic cap

Built in Germany from an all metal body, the pen features a two-way self-aligning magnetic cap. Just a slight twist and the cap is magnetically repelled off the body. The opposite end has the same arrangement, allowing the cap to snap onto the back thanks to magnets.

The process is vaguely reminiscent of how the Apple Pencil magnetically snaps to the side of the new iPad Pro…

Designed to be the ultimate pen for draftsmen, architects and designers, the Stilform Arc wouldn’t be complete without a straight-edge. For an extra $11.13 pledge, the company includes their “Innovative Ruler Cap”. Along with the same magnetic magic as the base cap, this version includes a solid aluminum ruler edge with centimeters and inches.

stilform pen ruler cap

Zero plastic or glue

According to Stilform, the Arc pen is manufactured without any plastic components. The all metal body is made from aerospace-grade titanium or aluminum and does not require any glue in its assembly.

The ink is provided by Pilot’s Juice Up line and is available in three different colors and line widths.

Early bird pricing available

This is Stilform’s 5th successful Kickstarter campaign, and has already raised more than $130,000. As of this post, there are a few super-early bird rewards left. The base Arc aluminum magnetic gel pen is available for a $55 pledge. The titanium version starts at $111.

Rewards are expected to ship June 2020.

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