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sticKnife – Pocket Knife with a Retractable Blade

SticKnife is a new “twist” on the pocket knife (you’ll get the pun soon) that breathes new innovation into the original EDC tool.

Instead of folding out from the body, the blade in a sticKnife extends by twisting the end of the handle. By screwing or unscrewing the end of the base, you can adjust the length of blade that presents.

A perfect companion for other EDC tools like tiny flashlights, sticKnife easily hooks onto bags, backpacks and keychains. There are endless uses for a good knife, and one that’s as portable as this is especially handy.

The aircraft-grade aluminum body measures just over 3″ inches long. The blade itself is is 1.77″ long when fully extended and isn’t the cheap piece of metal you might find in other mini-knives. sticKnife uses Swedish made Damasteel stainless steel, which is not only stronger, but allows for the swirling patterns in the blade unique to Damascus steel.

Some people never leave home without a knife, and for those that consider their choice of blade as much a fashion statement as their shoes, sticKnife is fully customizable. Backers can mix and match options like rounded or beveled blades, steel color, handle color and more.

The campaign has already surpassed its funding goal by more than double and early-bird pricing is still available. Pre-orders are expected to ship in May.

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