Polarity Magnetic 2-in-1 Scarf

Don’t forget your scarf! is a line many of us can remember our Moms saying daily throughout the winter. You might’ve thought you could get away without one only to feel a frigid chill blow down your neck soon after. Mother does knows best after all.

As an adult it’s easy to appreciate the warmth and comfort of a good scarf, but also understand a few of their pitfalls…

  1. Tying a scarf (especially with gloves on) can be a hassle
  2. They don’t always play well with high collars
  3. Adjusting them on the go is tricky

The Polarity scarf addresses all those caveats with a smart design that combines the best of both scarves and neck gaiters.

Never tie a scarf again

Traditionally, if you wanted to avoid tying (and retying) a scarf the only alternative was a neck gaiter. What a gaiter might add in convenience, it loses when you pull it over your head (good hair day? Not anymore!).

The Polarity scarf fuses the ease of a neck gaiter with the fit of a scarf that never needs to be tied or pulled over your head.

The secret lies in the strong neodymium magnets sewn onto the fabric. A 9″ flexible steel track runs between two premium fabric layers and provides an anchor point for the magnet. Just wrap the scarf around your neck, clasp the magnet and slide it along the track to adjust.

Polarity scarf fabrics

Our necks are one of the most temperature-sensitive areas on our body and to guard them against Winter’s chill, the Polarity scarf uses two distinct fabrics. The inside is lined with a super soft short plush fabric perfect for retaining body heat, just like a blanket.

The outside uses a tight-knit fleece specifically designed to repel wind – one of Winter’s fiercest weapons!

How to snag the early bird discount

Backers can currently pre-order the Polarity scarf by pledging on the project’s Kickstarter page. A limited super early bird pledge of $40 gets you the scarf plus 3 interchangeable medallions that attach to the magnetic clasp.

If fully funded, backers can choose their preferred size and from a range of four colors.

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