How to Analyze Your Kickstarter Campaign for Free with Hyperstarter

Launching your first campaign on Kickstarter can feel overwhelming.  You’ve gotten your photographs, written your marketing pitch and jumped through every hoop of the listing process… but what if you made a mistake?  What if there’s a glaring gap in your campaign you’re missing?

Luckily, there’s a tool you can use to fully analyze your campaign for improvements – all for free.

Hyperstarter is an analysis and marketing tool that helps improve your campaign page, find backers as well as influencers in your specific niche.  If your campaign is lacking and could use a little help, they accept submissions to their own listings directory, along with social media shoutouts, newsletter blasts, product reviews and more.

Their homepage jumps right in and prompts you to enter your campaign page URL.  We’ll show you the results for two different projects and how they could be improved:

SMASHmouse Hyperstarter Analysishyperstarter review

First is Hyperstarter’s analysis of SMASHmouse, a foot-pedal that can be used to control your computer.  Hyperstarter rates the project with a score of 47, which is broken down into different segments.  Title, word count and link count all show as great, but the description and images could use some work.  The campaign description is considered a little too long and there aren’t enough images.

There’s also no website or social media accounts, which could help legitimize the brand.

Astro Foldable Ukulele Hyperstarter Analysis

foldable ukulele kickstarter

Astro, the foldable ukulele, comes in at a score of 67 because of a few key differences.  They’ve opted to add social media links, as well as more images.  They’ve also listed their project in the category of design/product design, which on average are 14% more likely to reach their funding goals then the tech category.  Their description could also use a little trim however.

Hyperstarter also has a nifty guide to help find press and influencers for your campaign here.

Making sure your Kickstarter campaign has every chance of success is a big undertaking.  Free tools like this hopefully bring your goals a little closer.

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