fanacci clothing review

Fanacci Thoughtfully Engineered Clothing Collection

If you think about it, there really aren’t a lot of clothing labels that offer something to wear for truly every occasion. Nike might have sports activities covered, and Cole Haan takes care of professional events, but what if you want to buy a single clothing line for everything you might do in a week?

The Fanacci clothing collection is a functional and stylish line of apparel suitable for just about anything. Their lineup combines cutting edge materials with classic design elements that look at home in pretty much anyone’s wardrobe.

Fanacci’s clothing line

For their Kickstarter campaign the brand is introducing 5 new pieces available for both men and women.

  •  The VOYAGER Suit:  

A 2 piece modern suit for go-getters on the go. Lightweight, wrinkle-free material easily packs in a suitcase. Stretchy and breathable materials make it business on the outside, comfort on the inside.

  •  The ACTIONER Blazer:

This sleek looking blazer features a customizable collar that can be worn down for a traditional sport coat look, or flipped up like a jacket. There are also unique secure zip pockets on each sleeve.

  •  The DISCOVERER Shirt:

A sleek and minimal button-up with a hidden phone pocket and anti-stain fabric.

  •  The EXPLORER Trousers:

Cleverly placed drawstrings along the bottom hem convert these pants into a sporty pair of joggers. There are also 4 watertight zipper pockets.

  •  The RECHARGER T-shirt:

The classic tee featuring Fanacci’s 4-way stretch fabric and temperature regulation.

Cutting edge materials

Fanacci developed and tested a uniqe “SuperMultiflex” fabric for their clothing line.  The campaign states it’s made from precise blends of up to 6 fibers including recycled polyester, organic bamboo, organic cotton, Tencel, spandex,  nylon and rayon.

They also state their ENTIRE collection is designed to be machine-washable for easy care. How many other 2-piece suits can you throw in the wash?

How to order

The collection can be pre-ordered through Fanacci’s Kickstarter campaign from a range of pledge levels. The Recharger t-shirt is listed at the super early bird price of $39, with other pieces available at substantial discounts over future retail prices.

If their funding goal is reached, pledge rewards are expected August 2022.

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