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ErgonBand: The Watch Band Reinvented

WHILE WATCHES MAY have been reinvented a lot over the past decade, watchbands themselves… not so much. Whether leather, metal or silicone they’re essentially the same bracelets they’ve always been.

The ErgonBand takes the concept of a watch band and rethinks it from the ground up. Instead of a simple loop around the wrist, the ErgonBand makes a second circuit around the thumb, positioning the watch on the hand instead of the wrist.

This makes for a more natural viewing angle during activities like cycling, running and driving.

ergon band watchband in red
ergonband watch band that fits around thumb

“Ergon Band is designed based on hand ergonomics and holds the watch at a perfect viewing angle to boost the full functionality of modern watches. We believe it opens a new era in the watch band industry”

Max Razavi, Founder and Chief Design Engineer of Smartly Hub.

EgonBand is compatible with almost all analog and smart watches including Apple, Garmin, Samsung and anything else with a band size of 14mm – 28mm.

Another perk? It fits OVER gloves. A major benefit for those of us that like to know the time without losing a finger to frostbite.

watchband that fits over gloves

The design has a slightly steampunk-feel, likely due to the use of handmade leather. Over 100 steps are required to produce each ErgonBand, which makes it more more complex than some watches.

The amount of labor is reflected in the price however, with units currently available to pre-order for $135.

If funded, rewards are expected to ship July 2020.

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