dum audio stereo system review

Dum Audio Stereo System Brings Back Low Tech to High Fidelity Sound

Sometimes being smart isn’t everything. In an age of smartphones, smart cities, smart fridges and smart toothbrushes there comes a time when you just want to… dumb things down a little.

It doesn’t take more than a few hours of app updates and WiFi pairing to bring back the analog allure of just flipping a switch to make something work.

That’s what makes the sound system from Dum Audio so appealing. They’re bringing back the simplicity of a bygone era with their classically designed stereo system that’s purposely “un-smart”.

dum audio turntable

Simple setup, classic design

Dum Audio’s lineup includes everything necessary to create your own musical haven as easily as possible. The heart of the system is the turntable, featuring a 2-inch MDF plinth, cast aluminum platter, built-in preamp and a custom designed tonearm. A speed control knob allows the user to switch easily between 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records.

This then connects to the Dum Audio integrated amplifier, with 100 watts RMS of power for the left / right channels, and 200 watts RMS for an optional subwoofer.

The bookshelf speakers are housed in a 3/4-inch cabinet with a 7-inch aluminum driver mated with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter. They offer power handling of up to 200 watts.

Built to replicate the art deco styling of the 70s and 80s, the system features real walnut wood finish and tactile metal accents throughout. The rounded edges give a kind of Swedish design element and the simplified shapes wouldn’t look out of place next to vintage hi-fi sets of the past.

For full technical information on Dum Audio’s entire system, check out their spec sheet here.

No apps, updates or AI spies

While a modern smart speaker might be able to stream millions of songs at your command, it can come at an enormous cost to your privacy. Big tech can use your musical choices to not only determine your personality, age, mood, relationship status and sleep patterns, but also make that data public.

That’s not even including the embedded microphones. 😖

With Dum Audio, the only one monitoring your music is you. Their analog-first approach leaves apps, updates and algorithms behind. In their words:

“In an industry obsessed with smartphones and smart tech, we’ve made hi-fi unashamedly dumb–all in the pursuit of the purest music experience possible.”

For music-lovers that still want to connect their digital music library, Dum Audio’s amplifier does come with Bluetooth 5.0 equipped.

How to order the Dum Audio stereo system

The full 4 piece system can currently be pre-ordered from their Indiegogo page for the discounted price of $1299. The amp, speakers and turntable can also be ordered separately for $499 each. Dum Audio surpassed their $25k funding goal within the first 24 hours and have 26 days left in their campaign.

Perks are estimated to ship March 2022.

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