bucardo pocket watch for apple watch review

Bucardo Pocket Watch Adapter for the Apple Watch

There is perhaps no classier way of telling time than with a pocket watch. The long thin chain. The metallic clink as the cover opens and closes. A pocket watch seems to have an air of superiority over other time keeping devices. Check a watch or phone in public and people won’t blink, but pull out a pocket watch, nod your head and say “yes, right on time” – that will get some respect.

A new Kickstarter campaign is bringing back the pocket watch, but this time for the 21st century. Bucardo’s pocket watch accessory for the Apple Watch converts everyone’s favorite smart watch into the ultimate retro time keeper.

All the time in the world

The kit is quite easy to set up – just remove the bands and slide the pocket watch cover and loop attachment in their place. The set is custom made for the current Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 and SE. Their patented closure system fits securely over the face of the watch, leaving the rear exposed so it can still charge wirelessly.

A 15″ chain is included as standard, though you can also specify a locket option which swaps a necklace in place of the pocket watch chain.

Medical grade stainless steel is used throughout the accessory which is available in gold, silver or matte black. For an additional fee the campaigns states they’ll customize your pocket watch with a personal engraving.

The Bucardo pocket watch accessory can currently be backed on Kickstarter starting from $95. If fully funded, rewards are estimated to ship October 2021.

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