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Breakbottle – The Ingenious Twist-Open Water Bottle

If you’ve ever noticed a sour smell or funky flavor coming from your reusable water bottle, you’re not just imagining things. Studies show that an improperly cleaned bottle can harbor more bacteria than a dog’s water bowl and potentially make you sick.

We love our pooches, but nobody wants to be sipping dog water.

That’s why it’s so important to have a water bottle that’s easy to clean after every use. The Breakbottle was created for just this purpose, with a clever design that makes it as effortless as possible to clean inside and out.

Twist, clean, dry

No matter the trendy brand, quintuple-wall insulation or celebrity endorsement, most reusable water bottles are cleaned the same way… pour some soap and water inside and shake it like a margarita. You can then try to wrap a paper towel around a spoon, or let the bottle air dry over many, many hours.

The Breakbottle makes this process a little more efficient…

Twist the bottle in half and the watertight seal will release, separating into two segments. This makes the entire inner surface of the Breakbottle accessible, easy to clean and hand dry.

You can finally reveal your inner Adrian Monk and scour every inch of the bottle, utterly banishing suspicious smells and tastes.

Breakbottle features

Besides easy access for cleaning, the Breakbottle also serves as a highly capable daily canteen. According to the campaign, the stainless steel double-wall insulated body keeps drinks hot for up 4 hours, or cold for up to 16.

With an 18oz capacity, the bottle is also big enough to hold a grande frappucino with room to spare.

The spout has a smooth, soft sip mouthpiece so you won’t ding your teeth. The attached easy clean lid also has its own antibacterial coating and stays out of the way when you’re whetting your beak.

Pro tip: the bottom of the bottle can be loaded with full size ice cubes before attaching the upper half.

Where to buy the Breakbottle

If you’d like to be one of the first to get your mitts on a Breakbottle, you can currently snag their super early bird package for $31. Backers can choose between Fjord blue or Seamint green.

As an added bonus, for each Breakbottle bought the equivalent of one week of clean water is provided to 50 people in need.

If fully funded, orders are estimated to deliver August 2022.

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