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Avocajoe Bottled Avocado Coffee

With Americans drinking over 400 million cups of coffee everyday, it’s no surprise that people are eager to make their morning cup o’ joe just a little bit healthier.

One of the latest trends is butter coffee, often branded as Bulletproof coffee. The mixture combines brewed coffee, MCT oil and butter into what many say is a more satisfying drink with a slower release of caffeine. People also report feeling sharper and more alert after drinking butter coffee vs standard coffee.

The problem? All that butter of course.

Starting everyday with a tablespoon of liquid butter has a few drawbacks, including higher saturated fats, calories and cholesterol.

Avocajoe, is a new brand of bottled coffee that swaps the butter for one of nature’s perfect foods: avocado.

avoajoe bottled avocado coffee

Coffee + Avocado = ❤️

While at first glance those two flavors might seem like an exotic combination, the brand promises: “Avocajoe does NOT taste like drinking a blended avocado! It’s got a rich, creamy texture and a great coffee taste with a light sweetness.

avocajoe avocado coffee benefits

The formula is 100% plant based, non-GMO and sweetened naturally with monk fruit. The lack of any gluten, grains, added sugar or dairy make it suitable for a range of diets too.

Avocados are naturally high in healthy omega 3’s and monounsaturated fats, which help fuel your brain and sustain a no-crash caffeine boost.

“Our final formula is the result of years of development and testing. We’ve perfected dairy free butter coffee and made it taste amazing! The functional beverage market is exploding and I’m confident Avocajoe can be a major player.”

– Clint Bondzuk, Founder and CEO of Avocajoe Brands
Avocajoe coffee ingredients

How to order Avocajoe avocado coffee

With a $19 pledge on their Kickstarter campaign, you can pre-order a 4-pack of Avocajoe coffee. You’ll also get a free sweatband and your name immortalized on their website.

Larger quantities are available at higher pledge tiers including a 12-pack, 30-pack and even a year’s supply.

If fully funded, rewards are estimated to ship September 2020.

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